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Restored Rusty Relics 2023 Events

Not every car from every event is shown. Also see 2023 Doyle’s Garage Stop.

August 27 meeting

Micro Car Show.

2023 Joint Show at Allegro Harrington Park with the Corvette Club

This July event was open to residents of Allegro of Harrington Park, an assisted living center in a wooded area by the reservoir. The Rusty Relics had choice places by the front doors; though some would say the Corvette Club had choicer places in the shade, a group of Relics set up seats under the big parking canopy as well.

Some Relics ended up in a middle ground—Rob’s Hudson and (not enough of) Ken’s Corvette, for example.

Some quite rare cars showed up, such as one particular Buick; along with two Road Runners of different years and of course many many Corvettes.

The Allegro people directed traffic and had two sources of food on the site: a morning breakfast truck which also dispensed coffee, all at no charge, and then they cooked burgers and dogs for all, with water or soda again free. They were quite hospitable and our primary host, Dejan, was interested in pretty much all of the cars, from what I could see.

The Harrington Park Fire Department brought in one of their trucks for display, as well, drawing some residents out to the show; from there, they kept on going into the Corvettes and classic cars.

The direct sunlight was extremely hot, but the facility cleverly included a large shaded area which attracted a good number of the car folk.

2023 Memorial Day Parades

Rochelle Park and Harrington Park were well-run. Cresskill requested cars for transport but they used a truck instead; we showed off with three Relics and one pair of people in a big classic Caddy. Bergenfield changed the waiting spots on the day and didn’t give us enough space so two members came and left without stopping. Steve Kott was amazingly patient given that they were sending him up and down the area when I showed up and we were sent back and forth together. We had six cars, including Barry, who was up front carrying one of the organizers.  

June Outdoor Meeting

Bergen County St. Patrick’s Day Parade, March 12, 2023

Starting to arrive and line up, waiting for the show, 1:10 to 1:30 pm

Bob found out that it’s hard to make a U-turn on a street with cars on both sides

The Dodge pickup wasn’t one of ours, but it easily could have been.

Barry was asked to give a ride to people in another group. He arrived early and started preparing...

Show Chair Jacques arriving in the police van, behind Ed’s Corvair

Waiting for the pipers to move forward...

After the pipers moved forward, waiting in line at around 1:50... finally moving forward at 2:40!

The camera wasn’t sure what to focus on when held from the window...

The crowds seemed thicker than usual this year! Which is good.


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