Restored Rusty Relics Antique Auto Club

Rusty Relics at the JCC ARC car show

The Restored Rusty Relics were invited to join Teaneck’s Jewish Community Center for an Adult Resource Center program. Some seniors with short-term memory issues can be comforted by sights and sounds of the past; the program’s counselor thought the old cars might help. Barry Doll also brought vintage dolls and toys, and David Zatz brought his 1965 Royal typewriter (which had been in storage for a decade; the ribbon worked but it took a while for the lubricating oil to unfreeze). Photos by T.J. Lang (except in the Facebook clip).

David Zatz, Dave Czirr, and George Lewer with their P-cars (Packard, Plymouth, Pierce-Arrow) and a trunk-mounted typewriter


Barry Doll with program volunteers, TJ Lang’s car in the background

in car

One of the ARC’s people enjoying TJ’s car


A fairly large group


The JCC’s Facebook writeup.

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