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2022 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Bergenfield, NJ

No less than ten cars and fourteen Rusty relics showed up for this parade, braving the bitter cold. At least three more Relics stayed home, regretting that their antique cars do not have working heaters. Gene Yetter, official club photographer, took the photos.

Restored Rusty Relics

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The lineup

The lineup took place in a new and better location right behind McDonald’s, which was good-natured about having people use its bathrooms.

A wide variety of vehicles were ready for the parade, as shown in these images—from a true Mini to a big van (one of two trucks, the other being a Bronco).

from Mini to Bronco in the parade

Intrepid photographer Gene Yetter took these photos but did not write up these captions. He walked the full length of the parade route, snapping shots along the way. Compare and contrast that Mini with the Bronco...

The junk trucks were handy since they were a couple of places ahead of the Rusty Relics and quite visible, so we knew when our turn was coming.

The parade

parade photos - Bergenfield, NJ, 2022

The Dodge was not in the Rusty relics, but could have been!

Kids in the crowd shouted out that they loved the yellow of Pete D’s Barracuda, shown here passing by the big church near the end of the route.

A big American flag was draped on the top of a ladder truck; here’s the man making sure it stayed safe.

Finally, one of our members who took the easy way through the parade—in a car—provided this video summarizing around 25 minutes into around 2 minutes.

2022 Rochelle Park Memorial Day Parade

We started out with thirteen cars but lost Joe’s Mustang (behind the white Buick in the first photo) fairly early due to... overheating? A group of spectators helped Joe get it safetly to the side of the road, where he waved the rest of us on.

Unfortunately, Pete’s model A is barely visible in the photo below (and in the top photo) as was Joe’s car.

Ed’s Jeep may be going up for sale soon, we won’t say where, but, um, bring a trailer.

As usual, there was a good deal of variety in members’  cars. The two Fords at the back of the line were from one of Pete R’s neighbors.

For a list of upcoming Restored Rusty Relics events, click here.

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