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All Restored Rusty Relics 2020-2022 Events

Not every car from every event is shown, but we placed a premium on showing photos of multiple cars. Where and when the photos were taken may govern which cars are shown. We did not have fewer events in 2021 or 2022 than in 2020—we just have fewer photos!

2021-22 events

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Bergenfield paradeSpring Tour

Final 2020 Meeting

Fifteen hardy club members met at the outdoor American Legion pavilion in Rochelle Park at 1 pm on a relatively warm November to elect the 2021 officers and go over ordinary business.

The Fall Tour

(Photos via Peter Doll and David Zatz.) The event, planned by George Lewer, took us south to Maywood before moving back north to end at the Bergenfield Museum. Barry Doll and Tom and Vicki Lang coordinated the Bergenfield Museum end of the tour.

Gathering for the start of the tour — with masks!


fall tour

Getting directions, including a last minute detour

On tour

Arriving at the museum


Annual Awards Event

Members can see photos of the people at the event, but for the general public, here are a few overview shots. Thanks to Nancy Boettger and Ed Garfield for setting up this event, and to Pete Doll for creating and running the awards presentations and such. Photos: Gene Yetter

The back row—classic cars filled the full row, except the Jeep at the far end, and most of the other rows.


President Pete Doll and First Lady Jackie leading the event. Pete planned every minute of the event, and acted as the master of ceremonies and director as well; his remarks were short and to the point.


Barry talking about Pete Doll’s contributions, a speech normally given by the vice president—who was, of course, not there.

jingle bags

Absolutely stunned, unsuspecting man getting a jingle bag with the Member of the Year cup.

Bergenfield Dining Out.

The Bergenfield Dining Out event (August 30, 2020) saw 20 Rusty Relics and a guy with a red Vega. The event had been planned but postponed from the day before. Cars were at two ends of Bergenfield’s Washington Avenue business district; several restaurants were open and serving outdoors. Photos by club photographer Gene Yetter, except where noted.

bergenfield event

The north side, above; Andrew Pardo brought three of his cars over, including a “new” classic GMC truck.

bergenfield night out

The south side, above.

Below: photos below are from Gene Yetter. A trio of red cars—Ford Mustang, “real” Mini Cooper, Ford Ranchero—of rather different sizes and segments.

behind the red cars

Three Chevys.


On the north side, Andrew’s latest acquisition.

Henry on the north side, between Pete’s Plymouth and Tom’s Dodge.


Helen next to her longtime car Chevy Impala. The other side has a Stewart’s/A&W-style drive-in tray.


Other view of the north side: which of these cars is not like the others?


Dave with his Valiant, just before taking the canopy out of the trunk; Carol’s white Corvette immediately behind.


Thanks to Barry Doll and Tom and Vicki Lang for this event: Barry organized our portion of it, and Tom and Vicki tirelessly took on traffic duties.

2020 Spring Tour

Getting together; 22 cars were included, all told. Peter Doll arranged the tour. (Photos via David Zatz.)

From Paramus, we went over back roads past the reservoir, up to Norwood, back past the reservoir to the south, rounding the Hackensack River at the U.S.S. Ling, and finished up in the empty Sears parking lot (obeying mask and distancing rules).

This guy stopped in his tracks when he saw us. He practically shouted “Awesome!” when Pete explained the tour. Many pedestrians filmed the tour going by.

Akorn Tire Garage Stop

This was before COVID-19 restrictions! The trip was arranged by Ed Garfield (far right, below). Photos via... (Gene? Pete?)

akorn 1

akorn 2

akorn 3

Memorial Day 2020: Paramus Veterans’ Home Drive-By

People were watching and filming from the windows. Active soldiers were outside, watching and waving. It was quite an experience. Here’s part of the lineup; 15 vintage cars were involved. (CBS covered the events and caught some of our cars going by.)

Ken Kepler did a fine job arranging this event, which went off smoothly.

cars at veterans facility

These photos are from the drive-by along the length of the facility; we went by the front doors and lobby three times, and all the way along the side three times. It was very well organized.

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