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2021 Hasbrouck Heights Parade

This parade is held at 7 pm on the day after Thanksgiving; if you’ve never done it, it’s a great experience, despite the cold (this year, 35°F and very windy)—bring hot chocolate. You can do the whole parade on your parking lights, if you want to save battery. The parade is always well attended by townspeople; considering the wind and cold, they really seemed to be enjoying the experience. Lots of kids were out there.

View from my own car, following George’s Pierce Arrow (above and below).

The lineup started at 6 pm; George was there first, with VP Richard in the well-appointed passenger seat. Steve K and Henry S. came close on George’s tail but stayed behind at the traditional gathering place (Boulevard by William) to warn people they had to go up two blocks to the new gathering spot, by the high school on Boulevard. Henry wired up his lights to a separate 12V lithium-ion battery, a clever idea.

George was the leader, followed by El Presidente, whose hot chocolate cup, seen below, was caught by (if memory serves) Phil when it flew off the hood. The bright light around George’s car is just the edge of the very well-lighted area up front.

The next two cars both belong to Steve K (pictured in the Ranchero):

In the background, well behind Phil’s Bronco, is the glare of the police cars at the traffic barricade. Moving the barricade south on Boulevard let the busy William traffic go by, so they could block the streets earlier, easing the lineup.

President Emeritus Pete (final car) stayed back for a while to make sure nobody was confused by the move of the gathering spot. Rob C. took his dog along. Paul came out, too, and is in the lead of this group of cars.

Jacques came in just under the wire, but snagged a parade spot.

Next year, you’ll join us, right? It was a good parade.

Photos: Pete D and Dave Z

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